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St. PauliSchlump

Great place with even greater coffee and a nice selection of pastries. Very friendly staff.
Kev Dixon
17:51 03 Aug 17
I rented a bike from them, their were so friendly and kind, also their bicycle was excellent.
17:55 13 Jul 17
Great service, food and bikes! Try the Hamburger Hafenmischung, it is really unique!
Manuel Genolet
17:57 21 Apr 17
With out a doubt the best coffee I've ever had. Great chilled atmosphere, friendly staff and just a great place to stop for a pick me up.
Richard Leake
12:55 29 Jan 17
Super Laden! Sehr gute Fahrräder und ein sehr hilfreicher Chef!
neil campbell
08:13 21 May 18
Very helpful bike shop.
Bhavishya Goel
09:49 31 Aug 18
The nicest bike service in Hamburg!
Alicja Borucinska
14:20 25 Sep 18
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